Know About the “No-Zone”

All drivers should be aware of the “no‑zone,” the area on the sides and rear of 18‑wheelers where the truck driver cannot see a car. This dangerous area is easy to locate: If you can’t see the driver of the truck in his mirror, then he can’t see you.

The no‑zone is dangerous for two reasons. First, if the truck driver cannot see you, he might try to pull into your lane, causing a crash. Second, if you drive in the no‑zone, the truck and its trailer cut off your view to the side and reduce your view to the front, making it harder to avoid accidents.

If you are behind a truck, stay out of the no‑zone so that the driver can see you. If you are passing a truck, do not linger in the no‑zone—get through it as quickly as you can while still driving safely. Remember: No matter who has the right of way, when an 18‑wheeler and a car collide, the car always loses.

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